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I'd like to take a moment to thank our supporters for six years of business in Wisconsin. To us (Stephanie and Austin), The Hazel Shoppe is more than just a small business- it is a lifestyle. It was created as a means to have an impact in the industry and community, while still allowing time for an impact at home. 

While shifting directions over the last couple of years to offset the affect of the pandemic on our small business, we put a hold on expansion of products in our online boutique. Instead, we focused our resources on web design and remote services to help other small businesses who were struggling to stay connected with their clients while physical locations were shut down. 


2020 and beyond not only had an impact on my small business, but also on our personal endeavor of purchasing and renovating our first home. We had gutted our house down to the studs just weeks before the pandemic hit, which lead to supply shortages and skyrocketing prices for materials. 

Fast forward to 2022, with electrical, plumbing, walls and just about everything else once again in tact throughout the home. This is when we embarked on our next great adventure- welcoming our daughter into the world! The last year has been filled with the most amazing and heartbreaking experiences all at once. While we welcomed our sweet baby, we said our goodbyes to my Father-In-Law just a short 7 weeks after her arrival. Between his 19 month battle with cancer and another major shift to our family structure, we've struggled to find balance with the intentional lifestyle we set out to create. 

My priority is, and always will be, my family. This, fortunately for us, means that I am able to step away from business endeavors when my heart tells me that I am needed elsewhere. For business, this unfortunately means that I have postponed expansion of products and inventory for The Hazel Shoppe once again. 

I want to thank all of our loyal customers who have been reaching out to inquire on when restocking of products will occur. I appreciate your support more than I can put into words. Owning my own business has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

With that being said, The Hazel Shoppe will not be restocking its virtual shelves just yet. I'd like to take some time to restore balance for myself and family, so that I can return to my plans for The Hazel Shoppe feeling renewed and focused on curating a meaningful collection. 

You see, at The Hazel Shoppe, we don't want to be social media influencers, we want to be a small business of impacters. This means bringing an impact to our community, family and friends whenever possible, as well as, never rushing to bring in products that could be a compromise in quality simply to reach a larger quantity. 

I promise, I hope to make it worth the wait! And when you purchase from The Hazel Shoppe, I want you to rest assured that you are supporting a small business with a large vision to impact as many lives around us as possible- just once this mama, wife, daughter, sister, friend and business owner feels that God is telling her the timing is right.

Product Focus: Made in America, Eco-Friendly, Social Good, High Quality, Hygge Inspired

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