Stay tuned for sneak peaks and product updates as we continue expanding! 


Though we are celebrating our relaunch as of October 1, we have been busy behind the scenes on product research and branding efforts for the last couple of months. To us, The Hazel Shoppe is more than just a small business, it is a lifestyle. It was created as a means to have an impact in the industry and community, while still allowing time for an impact at home. 

While researching products, we've also been preparing for several upcoming paid and volunteer events The Hazel Shoppe is producing, but most importantly, we welcomed our adorable nephew into the world, prioritized family time and put work aside to have meaningful conversation with a neighbor. You see, at The Hazel Shoppe, we don't want to be social media influencers, we want to be a small business of impacters. That means bringing an impact to our community, family and friends whenever possible, as well as, never rushing to bring in products that could be a compromise in quality simply to meet a deadline. 

We promise we are worth the wait! And when you purchase from The Hazel Shoppe, we want you to rest assured that you are supporting a small business with a large vision to impact as many lives around us as possible. 

Product focus: Made in America, Eco-Friendly, Social Good, High Quality, Hygge Inspired