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As the owner of The Hazel Shoppe, I wanted to create a career that gave me the flexibility to prioritize family first, while also allowing me to share my passion for high quality and intentional products. 


My husband and I chose to plant roots in a sweet little cape cod house that we are renovating from the ground up. And as we start reaching the point of bringing products in to fill the rooms, we want to be mindful that everything has a purpose and place. We want our home to be a space of intentional living through the concepts of minimalism, hygge and mindfulness- concepts that we want to share with you through The Hazel Shoppe’s lifestyle brand. 


We find value and gratitude by being fully present in the moment- whether that moment be laughter flooding the room during family dinners, viewing the dim flicker of a fireplace while wrapped in a cozy throw or the warmth that follows the first sip of hot cider from a favorite mug. In a world that encourages us to live busy, we would rather live fully. We offer a minimalistic approach to high quality items that can achieve this lifestyle in your home. 


Imagine the type of world that is possible if we have less, give more and are intentional with our time!


We value your investment in, not only our small business, but also those of our vendors. And whether we’ve earned your business once or you continuously show us support, The Hazel Shoppe team will be wishing you a beautiful life.


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