The Hazel Shoppe is a lifestyle brand that invites Hygge into your home and business. Hygge is a word used to describe the Danish way of living, but does not have an equivalent in translation to the English language. At The Hazel Shoppe, we like to think of it as a feeling of contentment and gratitude captured within quality surroundings. Those surroundings might be the dim flicker of a candle, a pleasant aroma, the laughter flooding a room from your family and friends, or the first sip of hot cider from your favorite mug. 

The more The Hazel Shoppe's owner, Stephanie, explored the concept of Hygge, the more she knew it described this small business's large vision. And so, as we continue to grow as a lifestyle brand, we want to offer a minimalistic approach to high quality items that can achieve the feeling of Hygge in your home. It's time to reconnect in the moment and recognize the simple things in life that bring us joy.  


At The Hazel Shoppe, we believe in collecting moments rather than things, which is why our products are hand-selected to enhance surroundings that create those memorable times. We believe in community over competition, which is why every piece of advice offered through our coaching services is advice that Stephanie once took. Our genuine intention is to offer a quality product, which is why every product offered at our boutique is an item that Stephanie and her family use daily in their home.

We value your time and investment in our small business! And whether you visit The Hazel Shoppe once or continuously show us support, The Hazel Shoppe family will be wishing you a beautiful life!





The Hazel Shoppe believes in community and supporting fellow small businesses. We've partnered with others to offer a range of services including: logo design, web development, marketing, visual merchandising, staff evaluation/training, recruitment, event coordinating, team retreats and more. We're open to collaborating in any capacity that our knowledge and experience allows us to. Let's get creative and leave an impact- together. Take a look at the businesses we've worked with.



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